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Prevent damage caused by animals!

If you want a humane way to keep animals off your land, you're in the right place. Choose from anything from a small 1-speaker product to a top-of-the-range 6-speaker product, and thanks to Vadalarm Smart technology, you can make any of them capable of alerting game, birds or rodents. Or even all three at once.

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Vadalarm Smart Pro

Vadalarm Smart Pro

Smart and compact

The animal alarm that alarms what you want. Choose Vadalarm Pro, a renewed member of the Vadalarm Smart family, already used by thousands of farmers, and has drastically reduced the damage done to animals.

Number of speakers1 pcs
Range80-100 m
Animals to keep awayWild animals, rodents, martens, birds
Basic price

Vadalarm Smart Duo

Vadalarm Duo

With double speaker comes the double efficiency

Ideal for long but narrow fields because it has a speaker on both sides. The most cost-effective way to operate the Vadalarm Duo on these property forms.

Number of speakers2 pcs
Range80-100 m
Animals to keep awayWild animals, rodents, martens, birds
Basic price

Vadalarm Smart Tripla

Vadalarm Tripla

High technology in wild animal repelling

For those for whom quality, comfort and quality are more important than price. Thanks to the Bluetooth module, you can control its operation with your smartphone. Thanks to its three speakers, it works in 360 °.

Number of speakers3 pcs
Range120-150 m
Animals to keep awayWild animals, rodents, martens, birds
Basic price

Vadalarm Smart Hexa

Vadalarm Smart Hexa

One tool instead of all

Why buy a separate tool for each problem when you can get it all at once? The high-tech animal alarm is only available at Vadalarm!

Number of speakers6 pcs
Range120-150 m
Animals to keep awayWild animals, rodents, martens, birds
Basic price

Vadalarm Smart Mono

Vadalarm Smart Mono

Loyal companion around the house

It has a range of up to 50 meters and is quieter than the Duo. We recommend it primarily to protect your house and car. Choose the Vadalarm Mono and save a few washes!

Number of speakers1 pcs
Range30-50 m
Animals to keep awayWild animals, rodents, martens, birds
Basic price

Can not you decide?

We understand that the decision is difficult. Hearing a more complicated case, many times we even wonder which product we recommend. That is why we always say that it is not a shame to ask. Feel free to contact us or request a callback by clicking the button below and we will call you back within 24 hours!

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Get know our products in under 3 minutes!

After tens of thousands of units sold, the industry's flagship product was radically overhauled in 2022. It's the only range you can configure the way you want. Choose a package and we'll include the various animal alarm features you want. You won't get this anywhere else. Watch the demonstration video and get to know the smartest pet alarm you can control from your phone!

Check out our video summary of our game alarms to find out which would be the best solution to your problem! If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service!

We are dedicated technology fans who want to make life easier for farmers.

Vadalarm a Cápák Közöttben

We are working to fly farmers into the future. We spend at least 1 hour each day learning and experimenting so you don’t have to. This way you can be sure that you will only get solutions from us that will make your life easier. Check out the interview with us if you want to get to know us better! (Hungarian language)

Vadalarm a Cápák Közöttben

Vadalarm, the leading domestic manufacturer of animal alarms, has been developing the smartest, care-free animal alarms for years. You can always call our native-speaking customer service with your questions. And if you have a service-related problem, we can help you almost immediately.

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If you have any problem with the product-what you ordered from us-, you can send it back to us in 14 days. Above in the menu you can read about our return policy particularly.

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The Vadalarm is 100% hungarian product. Hungarian idea, hungarian developer, at a hungarian company, in a hungarian plant assemble the products.

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The Vadalarm products are so popular from the beginning because the simple formation is owing that you can install it easily.

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