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Tired of chewed up wires, pipes and infectious faeces?

You're confronted with an uninvited guest, but you want to solve the problem take care?
Then you've come to the right place! Because the Vadalarm Rodent Repellent is the our best solution against rodents: keep mice, rats and rabbits away and make your life hygienic and peaceful!

Vadalarm Smart Mono

Why the basic Vadalarm Rodent Repellent is a good choice

Vadalarm Smart Mono

Vadalarm Ultrasound Rodent Repeller

From 89 Eur

[the first alarm function is included in the price!]

Why you should choose the Smart version

Vadalarm Smart Mono

The world's first smart rodent repeller

Our device emits a sound with a frequency between 17 and 27 kHz, which is disturbing for rodents and martens. Fortunately, these can no longer be heard by the human ear, so it does not bother us. Thanks to the randomly alternating frequency sounds, it is almost impossible for the animals to get used to it.

Our rodent repeller is available in battery (Smart) and plug-in versions so you can place it anywhere. You can also control the Smart version from our Android application and add extra functions even after purchase!

Don't wait until...

This is what you see in the engine compartment of your car

Martens and rodents often get into the engine compartment or under the car looking for protection and warmth. During one of these nocturnal operations, they chew on cables and pipes in the hope of food or just to wear their teeth. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing a car is usually not even ten pennies. First sign, the five-toed footprints on the top of the car, which drivers often and mistakenly attribute to cat footprints. Don't let the situation get to this point, act in time!

Vadalarm Smart Mono
Vadalarm Smart Mono

They eat your dinner in front of you

If there are mice in the apartment, they will certainly discover all the food, chew it, run around and poop in it. The health risk of this is the most dangerous, but of course the resulting material damages are also significant. This is especially true for attic apartments, lightweight family houses, vacation homes, and basement-type places. Don't let your kitchen turn into a battlefield.

They make your night miserable

Where there is a mouse in the house, the scratching sounds will not let you rest. Moreover, they become stronger and denser especially at night. In such cases, instead of sleeping, we start listening and searching, typically unnecessarily and fruitlessly. This, of course, only results in us not being able to sleep peacefully and the next day we will even be sleepless. Don't let them spoil your dream!

Vadalarm Smart Mono

How does the ultrasound rodent repeller works?

Forget the misconceptions about ultrasound that are spreading on the Internet, learn from the experts instead. Spend 3 minutes watching our presentation video (in hungarian language) and you won't have any questions. Important info for the video: the 230V adapter of our rodent alarm has been changed to a USB cable since the video was shot, but Kriszti has remained on the site by popular demand :)

You surely know that rodents have much better hearing than humans. Perhaps you have also heard that they are much more sensitive to higher frequency sounds, they experience them as a deafening effect (while we don't even perceive any of it). This noise is called ultrasound, and it is also created by Vadalarm Smart products. Rodents and martens are most disturbed by frequencies between 20 and 30 kHz. However, you should know that ultrasound does not pass through walls (not even plasterboard), so it is important to place the rodent repeller in the same air space as the rodents, and in turn it in the direction the animals are coming from.

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Get to know our rodent repeller better.

If you don't have much time to read, just click on the signs and discover what we are most proud of about our rodent repeller!

Vadalarm Smart Mono
The most powerful piezo speaker used in rodent repellers
Built-in Bluetooth diagnostics in Smart version
The Smart Mono version lasts for 10-14 days on a single charge thanks to its 2600 mAh battery capacity
Durable ABS plastic casing, USB charging cable
Random ultrasounds generated by our smart microcontrollers to make it even harder to get used to
Drop and dust resistant cover so you can place it almost anywhere
In the case of the Smart Mono version, extra functions can also be purchased afterwards
Stable attachment points for versatile placement

Smart product from professionals

Vadalarm, a dominant domestic manufacturer on the wild animal alarm market for years, develops the smartest, maintenance-free animal repellers. You can call our customer service at any time with your questions. And if you have a service-related problem, we can help you almost immediately.

Choose witch version would you like?

The Basic package is already excellent for keeping rodents away, but with the Smart package you immediately get the built-in battery and the smart functions that make the use truly professional. And if you also strengthen the camp of those for whom nothing is enough, then the Fullextras package is for you! Within certain limits, we are also able to create a unique package. Our English speaker customer service can provide more information on this by phone at +36307807685.

Quantity discount for all packages:
3 pieces: 8 EUR discount/piece
6 pieces: 16 EUR discount/piece
basic package
Vadalarm Rodent repeller
What is in the package, and what is not?

  • Vadalarm Rodent repeller
  • USB cable
  • Built-in battery
  • USB power supply (5V)
  • Smartphone application
  • Wifi remote monitoring
  • 2 extra sound function
  • Turbo mode

Brut price : 89 EUR

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Smart package
Vadalarm Smart Mono rodent repeller
What is in the package, and what is not?

  • Vadalarm Smart Mono rodent repeller
  • USB cable
  • Built-in battery
  • USB power supply (5V)
  • Smartphone application
  • Wifi remote monitoring
  • 2 extra sound function
  • Turbo mode

Brut price : : 126 EUR

Tell me how many pieces you want:
Fullextra package
Vadalarm Smart Mono rodent repeller
What is in the package, and what is not?

  • Vadalarm Smart Mono rodent repeller
  • USB cable
  • Built-in battery
  • USB power supply (5V)
  • Smartphone application
  • Wifi remote monitoring
  • 2 extra sound function
  • Turbo mode

Brut price : : 158 EUR

Tell me how many pieces you want:

Direct delivery

You receive all our products directly from the Vadalarm headquarters, straight from the manufacturer. Products are manufactured continuously and your order will be packed by 2 pm.

Factory warranty

All our products are covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty against failure under normal use.

Efficiency warranty

We're convinced that the Vadalarm Rodent Repeller is the perfect choice for you. That's why we offer a 14+14 day cooling off period.

Video of our favourite client

In this video from our partner, you can see that rodents do not stay too long in the same space as the Vadalarm Rodent repeller. Of course, we don't consider an amateur hand video to be a work worthy of a MTA grand doctorate, so neither should you. Decide as you see fit, and if our product doesn't evoke this reaction in you, feel free to send it back and we'll refund the price. Of course, it's better for everyone if our relationship doesn't end this way :)

Although you're probably visiting our site because you don't want to live in the same airspace as rodents, you have to accept that many people don't. Especially with such a video, for their sake (also) it is important to point out that ultrasound does not harm animals (just think that pregnant women are examined with a similar technology).

Refund guarantee
If you have any problem with the product-what you ordered from us-, you can send it back to us in 14 days. Above in the menu you can read about our return policy particularly.
Fast shipping in 48h
If you order a simpler package on the morning of a working day, there is a good chance that you will receive it in 3 days!
A favorite brand by thousands of customers
The Vadalarm products are so popular from the beginning because the simple formation is owing that you can install it easily.
Secure pay
Use your debitcard or credit card to pay online with Barion, one of the best-known Central European payment providers.
Cash on delivery
If you choose this, we save your datas immediately, you will pay to the courier on receipt and you will get your box earlier.
100% hungarian product
The Vadalarm is 100% hungarian product. Hungarian idea, hungarian developer, at a hungarian company, in a hungarian plant assemble the products.

frequently asked questions

To what extent can the human ear hear the operation of the device?

Ultrasound cannot be heard by the human ear. However, there is a small overlap between the higher frequency band (17-20 kHz) emitted by Smart Mono and the human hearing range. This can sometimes be heard. In addition, due to the differences in the manufacture of the speakers it happens that sometimes a small beep is heard, so we do not recommend placing it in the bedroom.

Does the pets hear the ultrasound?

Usually not. What you absolutely need to know is that birds cannot hear ultrasound in any way, since their hearing is almost completely in the same range as humans. In the case of dogs, our experience is that urban (typically smaller) dogs absolutely do not hear, as do mixed breeds and older purebreds. Only a few breeds of hunting dogs have the hearing to detect ultrasonic alarms. Fortunately, they are usually so well-behaved that they will not bark at you, they simply stay away. In the case of cats, we no longer know of a similar regularity, but even among them there are rare individuals that can hear. Cattle, pigs and other farm animals are also not bothered by ultrasound.

Can I use the Vadalarm Rodent repeller outdoors?

The device can also be used outdoors, but only if it can be exposed under a cover, e.g. under a terrace. The rodent repeller is not waterproof, so it can be damaged by direct rain.

Can I use the Vadalarm Rodent repeller in the engine compartment of my car?

Many people have problems with rodents getting into the engine compartment of their car. However, when you think about installing a Vadalarm Rodent Repeller in the engine compartment, there are two important things to note that unfortunately make it a bad idea. Firstly, our rodent alarms operate on 5V (via an adapter), while your car has a 12V system. While this would not be an insurmountable technical obstacle, it is a bigger problem that the engine compartment of modern cars is full of soundproofing materials that absorb not only engine noise but also ultrasound. In conclusion, we do not recommend, and would not advise anyone to install a rodent repeller in the engine compartment.

How many square metres can one device protect?

You may have noticed that the range of our rodent repeller is given in meters and not in square meters, since the spread of sound cannot be measured in square meters either. It is much clearer to examine how far a certain sound travels from its source. Our rodent repellers can emit ultrasound at a distance of 30 or, in the case of extra power, 60 meters at an angle of 120°. A simple calculation results in 1000 and 2000 m2. However, it is important to know that the shape of this is a circle, so one device alone will not cover a building with the same floor area. Our best recommendation is to place a device in each airspace to be protected in such a way that there are as few obstacles as possible in the path of the sound.

What does a rodent repeller cost so much??

You have probably come across rodent repellers for a tenth of the price of the Vadalarm rodent repeller, so you may rightly wonder why ours costs so much. But if you take a closer look at how our product is put together, you will already understand. The most powerful piezo speaker on the market is put through quality control together with our specially developed amplifier and microprocessor circuit in the waterproof device case. If you choose the Smart version, you get even more: we even build a battery for you in our Bluetooth and Wifi-capable control circuit, so your rodent repeller will work reliably for weeks even away from an outlet. In addition, you can check its operation with a smartphone application. We will deliver it to you the next day and completely free of charge in snow and ice.

How long is the charging time of the rodent repeller?

Our Battery Powered Rodent Repellers are delivered from the factory with approximately 50% charge. After that, you should charge the battery before using it. The first charge will take a maximum of 2-3 hours, subsequent charges a maximum of 4-5 hours. You can check the charge level with a welcome message after switching on

How long does a battery-powered rodent repeller last on a single charge?

Our battery powered rodent repeller is an intelligent device, so it constantly monitors the energy available to it. When the battery is freshly charged, it will go off frequently, then as the days go by and the battery runs down, it will sound less and less frequently. It does this to save energy and maximise operating time. This method has enabled us to achieve an average of 11 days of operation on a single charge. However, it is important to be aware that the mechanism described above means that the efficiency of the alarm is at its best during the first few days. Later, although not significantly, it decreases. In addition, it is important to know that turning on the extra functions results in faster discharge.

Is it possible to put the rodent repeller in the ground?

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet that ultrasound can be used to alert mosquitoes, other insects and even moles. This has led several of our customers to consider outdoor installation. Although it can be used successfully outdoors to control rodents and weasels, we do not recommend using it buried in the ground to control moles.

I need a solar powered battery operated rodent repeller, can you make one?

Yes, it can be done, but it's not a common request, so we don't manufacture it separately, and you're better off buying our Vadalarm Smart Pro in rodent Repeller mode for a few thousand forints extra!

Any other questions? We can help you on the phone!

Until you wait your product arrive, download the application

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technical details

Height 120 mm
Width 120 mm
Lenght 90 mm
Weight 0,35 kg
Range 30-40 m
Alarm frequency 20-27 kHz
Alarm time 30 second
Alarm pause in basic version 5 minutes
Alarm pause in smart version 4-12 minutes
Casing tightness IP54
Operating temperature -15 - 50°C
Storing temperature 0 - 50°C
Smart version battery capacity 2600 mAh Li-ion
Smart version battery operating time min a week
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