Vadalarm Vadalarm Dupla wild repellent

It’s just quite a challenge to farm without having to bother with animal caused damages.

Vadalarm Dupla repellent
Dual speaker - double efficiency

Vadalarm Dupla is exactly twice as effective as our most popular product, Vadalarm Pro, but it doesn’t cost twice as much. We recommend it mostly for areas that are narrow but long at the same time. This is where you can deploy it most cost-effectively. Thanks to its camouflage pattern, it even blends into the environment.

  • guaranteed state of the art technology
  • one of our most cost-effective tools
  • protects in both directions at once
Gross price: 159 eur/pcs
Article number: VAD010D
Stock information: 33 pieces in stock
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What is exactly this product and what for?

The ultrasonic animal alarm keeps them away from hearing the intolerable sound of wild animals, so that we humans do not hear anything from it. What sets the Vadalarm Dual apart from other manufacturers' products is that thanks to its double speaker, you can protect up to 3 hectares (or even larger areas with proper placement) with it. It is important that this product does its job without care, without human intervention, or without carrying a tiring battery.

Hundreds of feedbacks and our experience show that deers, roes, wild boars and rabbits in particular avoid our ultrasonic repellents. A little different frequency sound is most effective at keeping each animal away, but don’t worry, you don’t have to think about setting it, it’s programmed into our product. The Vadalarm Dupla makes sure that every animal hears it when it sounds.

Wild animals has good senses, however, they will not get used to ultrasound because its frequency is constantly and randomly changed by the Vadalarm Dupla's built-in electronics, and it also emits intermittent alarm sounds intermittently. Imagine the most annoying, loudest, and unstoppably alternating whistling and drumming man: this Vadalarm Dupla for animals. In addition, thanks to its intelligent control, at night, when there is a higher probability of damage caused by animals, it signals animals twice as often that it would be better to tease elsewhere.

Overtake the tug with the hunting company. If you have to beg for compensation, it’s overdue.

Are you interested in Dupla, but do you have a question?

With a double speaker and a huge solar panel!

The Vadalarm Dupla was first built in 2017 in a limited edition. The presentation went so well that we had to cancel the 2-week pre-order period because it ran out after 1 week. At the top of the Vadalarm Double, you'll find a 3-watt solar panel that's more than enough to power both speakers . The speakers sound proven at a random frequency so that the animals never get used to it.

A Vadalarm Dupla két irányba szól

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A favorite brand by thousands of customers

The Vadalarm products are so popular from the beginning because the simple formation is owing that you can install it easily.

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100% hungarian product

The Vadalarm is 100% hungarian product. Hungarian idea, hungarian developer, at a hungarian company, in a hungarian plant assemble the products.
Why should you use ultrasound? Why not a gas cannon or an electric fence?

Just think of the following:

  • There is no audible noise for humans, so it does not disturb the neighbor
  • You don't have to carry a gas bottle or a battery
  • They don’t get used to his voice because he’s constantly changing
  • Placing a Vadalarm product is a snap
  • The Vadalarm Dupla is completely maintenance-free
  • You don't have to bother with settings
  • It is an animal-friendly, environmentally friendly and modern method for modern farmers
Why choose Vadalarm?

We are dedicated technology enthusiasts who want to make life easier for farmers.

We are working to fly farmers into the future. We spend at least 1 hour each day learning and experimenting so you don’t have to. This way you can be sure that you will only get solutions from us that will make your life easier. Check out the interview with us if you want to get to know us better!

Li-ion battery technology
Li-ion battery technology

Minden akkumulátoros termékünkben a Lítium-ionos technológiát használjuk. Ez található a telefonodban, a laptopodban, és az elektromos autókban is. Sokan felróják nekünk, hogy nem tartunk óriási raktárkészleteket. Tudod, ez azért van, mert, ha a polcon állna 1000 darab tavaly gyártott vadriasztó, aztán kitalálnánk valami nagy újdonságot, akkor azt nem tudnánk piacra dobni, csak miután "kisöpörtük" az 1000 darab régit. Nekünk márpedig alapelvünk, hogy minden nap az aktuális legjobb tudásunk szerint legyártott terméket adjuk a kezedbe. Amint megjelenik egy fejlettebb akkucella a piacon, mi azt tesszük bele. Így biztos lehetsz benne, hogy ha tőlünk vásárolsz, mindig a legmodernebb technológiát választod. Gondolj csak bele: valószínűleg ugyanaz a cella kerül vadriasztódba, mint a Tesla vagy épp a BMW legújabb elektromos autóiba. Azért ez vagány, nem?

Solar powered

In our products, we combined battery technology with solar technology and seasoned it with a little electronics. So you have no choice but to place your game alarm at a well-thought-out point in the area to be protected , and that's it. It’s a bit like marriage: you have to make a good decision once and then it’s all on track.

Solar powered
Weatherproof housing
Weatherproof housing

Our credo is to help farmers with technologies that we build into a finished product ourselves. We don't have a three-shift sticker, our products are not made for hire in a Chinese plant. You can be sure that from the experience of tens of thousands of manufactured products, we know what farmers need. The Wild Alarm Double works in winter and summer, in snow and frost. This way you can place it anywhere.

Vadalarm products are not cheap

But their goal is not to be the cheapest, but to be the best. If you search for a long time, you will surely find other animal repellents and even thousands of other solutions to animal damage. A significant portion of these will be even cheaper. Of course, their effectiveness is another matter. But can you still ask yourself, isn't this autonomous, maintenance-free, solar-powered ultrasonic animal repellent too expensive?

We are proud to spend an average of 1 out of 8 hours working on development. Of course, there is a price to pay, but we will not be working on our team for either starvation or black. In return, the lucky situation has been repeatedly that a wildcard sent back for service has returned to its owner with one and a half times the capacity (even though it has only been taken half a year). You also know that quality pays off in the long run , and that’s the goal with Vadalarm. In addition, we regularly have offers that you can only take advantage of if you have previously purchased from us, so you can easily get back the full price of a whole Vadalarm Dupla from us in the form of discounts and gifts in a year.

If you’re interested in the details, you should see these
Vadalarm Dupla
A clear signal for those who are sticky
In some countries, anti-theft insurance can be ordered for wildlife. We also indicate this with a sticker to make sure no one catches your eye.
Vadalarm Dupla
A switch and nothing else
The Vadalarm Dupla has been developed so that you have nothing to do with it, just flip the main switch and it already works. In addition, our game alarm beeps when the battery is turned on to indicate that the battery is fully charged.
Vadalarm Dupla
Energy from the Sun
The devices are powered by a 3 W solar panel. This performance allows the Vadalarm Dupla to operate continuously for up to two weeks even in cloudy weather.
Vadalarm Dupla
High performance piezo speakers
Powerful piezo speakers with a range of up to 120 meters in ideal conditions sound so loud that even summer festival stares will envy them.
Frequently asked Questions

Do pets hear ultrasound?

Usually not. What you absolutely need to know is that birds cannot hear ultrasound in any way, as their hearing is almost completely in the same range as that of a human. In the case of dogs, our experience is that urban (typically smaller-bodied) dogs are absolutely unheard, as are mixed breeds and older breeds. Only a few hunting dog breeds have the hearing to notice ultrasonic alarms. Luckily, they’re usually so well-tamed that they won’t get bored, they’re just standing away. In the case of cats, we no longer know of a similar regularity, but even among them, it is rare for an individual to hear it. Cattle, pigs and other farm animals are also not disturbed by ultrasound.

Can I remove the foil on top of the solar panel?

Yes, you can safely remove it because it is only on it to protect it from scratches during manufacture and shipping. In the long run, however, it doesn’t hurt to pull it off, as UV light can burn on the panel, reducing its efficiency.

Best stories from our customers
Novák Dániel
I've tried everything before, we even organized a hunt once. But only Vadalarm brought a lasting solution.
I've tried chemicals before, and there have been results. But it had to be replaced all the time. Not like the Vadalarm repellent! I ordered it and the wild boars immediately disappeared from the area!
Kovács Dávid
Szalai Gábor
I have vines next to a forest. The lines are a little over 150 meters long. I was content to destroy of the deers and ordered a Vadalarm Tripla last summer. A few days later I watched the end and I was already starting to get scared (because the deer were there at night). However, when I went ahead, it was shocking to see how they didn’t even touch the first 120-130 meters. I immediately ordered the next one.
We just wanted to scare the animals away from the end of our little weekend plot. We had no experience with wild animal repelling, so we were very happy to be able to operate it with a switch. It has been running smoothly ever since.
Németh Ágnes
Gaál András
The fruit falling from the apple trees in my garden was regularly tossed by the wild boars, breaking the drawn wire fence. When I placed the Vadalarm product next to the tree, it was clear that it had been avoided 100-120 meters. Since then, I have ordered 6 more of it.
I suffered damage from animals for the first time in my life, so I didn’t really know what to do. I found the Vadalarm via the internet, which I really liked. Unfortunately, it was not treated with a gloved hand during delivery, however, when I reported my problem to customer service, a new one was sent without objection.
Nagy Ede
Linn Tamás
Esztergom - Búbánatvölgy
The guardian of our Kamchatka Honeyberry plantation is VADALARM. It kept the deer away all winter. Congratulations to the developers.
Thank you for your quick feedback, correction, and partner-focused customer service work.
É. Béla

Our products are CE certified and do not contain environmentally harmful substances in accordance with European Union environmental regulations.

The Vadalarm brand name is a registered trademark of the National Office of Intellectual Property. So if you buy a product with the Vadalarm logo, you can be sure of its originality.

Technical parameters
Height 130 mm
Width 160 mm
Depth 170 mm
Weight 0,8 kg
Range in the direction of the speaker 80-120 m (mindkét irányba)
Alarm frequency 18-28 kHz
Alarm time 80 sec
Alarm interval during the day 4-16 minutes (charge dependent)
Alarm interval at night 2-8 minutes (charge dependent)
Operating time in cloudy weather 4-10 days
Fastening with the locking tab on the bottom
Battery capacity 3350 mAh Li-ion
Power of the solar cell 3 W
Cover sealing grade IP65
Operating Temperature -15 ~ 50°C
Downloadable documents
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