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Our ultrasonic repellents reduce the damage caused by wild boars, rabbits and deers

Shooting individuals does not provide a lasting solution, fencing is expensive, and the electric shepherd is labor-intensive. However, the ultrasonic smart wildlife alarms we manufacture eliminate these very problems: Vadalarm products provide a cost-effective solution for reducing wildlife damage they can be deployed quickly and flexibly configured. In addition, they can be expanded with extra functions afterwards via our smartphone application.

Choose the type you want

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Full-extra package
Vadalarm Smart Pro
  • Game repellent function
  • Solar and USB charging
  • Built-in battery
  • Smartphone application
  • WiFi remote monitoring
  • USB charger plug
  • 2 extra sound levels
  • Bird repellent function
  • Rodent repellent function
  • More frequent alarms
Pro package
Vadalarm Smart Pro
  • Game repellent function
  • Solar and USB charging
  • Built-in battery
  • Smartphone application
  • WiFi remote monitoring
  • USB charger plug
  • 1 extra sound level
  • Bird repellent function
  • Rodent repellent function
  • More frequent alarms
Starter package
Vadalarm Smart Pro
  • Game repellent function
  • Solar and USB charging
  • Built-in battery
  • Smartphone application
  • WiFi remote monitoring
  • USB charger plug
  • Extra sound levels
  • Bird repellent function
  • Rodent repellent function
  • More frequent alarms

Which model is right for you?

Vadalarm Smart animal repellents come in 4 different models, which mainly differ in the number of speakers and their power. We help you decide which one you need. Think carefully about the direction from which the game approaches. Remember: the goal is not to cover your entire parcel, but to prevent the animals from entering!

Smart Pro


A compact solution with one speaker. Recommended for areas where animals approach from a specific direction within a maximum width of 80 meters. If the endangered section is wider, you will need more units.

Smart Duo


Effective protection for narrow but long land areas, often used in vineyards. With one device, you can cover an area of approximately 80x200 meters. The greatest efficiency is achieved when animals approach from the shorter ends of the area.

Smart Tripla


Circular protection in all directions up to 150 meters away. Recommended for areas where animals can come from any direction. Ideally, it can effectively protect an area of 200x200 meters with one unit.

Smart Hexa


Circular protection in all directions up to 150 meters away. Hexa is our top product, covering every direction of the compass without dead zones, leaving no chance for animals to bypass.

Extra functions at the push of a button

The Vadalarm Smart app allows you to activate additional functions on your device that you did not request at the time of purchase. This way, you can use your game repellent purchased for spring sowing protection to effectively fight starlings in the autumn.

Know who you are buying from!

Vadalarm, the leading domestic manufacturer of animal alarms, has been developing the smartest, care-free animal alarms for years. You can always call our native-speaking customer service with your questions. And if you have a service-related problem, we can help you almost immediately.

Direct delivery

You receive all our products directly from the Vadalarm center, straight from the manufacturer. We continuously produce the products and package your order by 2 pm.

Manufacturer warranty

All our manufactured products come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty against malfunction under proper use.

Effectiveness guarantee

We are convinced that the Vadalarm Smart product family is an excellent choice for you, which is why we offer a 14+14 day withdrawal option.

Appreciative opinions from our customers

The following reviews, verified by the independent trustindex, do not reflect the opinions of typical customers.

You might have seen us on TV

Vadalarm a Cápák Közöttben

In the 2023 season, we presented our Vadalarm products to the Sharks, leaving with 2 special awards, 1 nomination, and an offer! You can read an interview with us after the show here (in hungarian language).

Vadalarm a Cápák Közöttben

Why choose a Vadalarm product over competitive methods?


Like most methods, ultrasonic animal repellent does not provide 100% protection against game damage. However, it stands out: the investment and labor costs per area are the lowest. You don't need to repair fences or constantly spray repellent.


We love to innovate, so we can't imagine our products ever being perfect, because as soon as we finish one development, we're already working on the next version in our minds. Thus, when you buy a Vadalarm product, you are investing in the most modern technology guaranteed.


Uniquely in the animal repellent market, each of our products can be tailored to your specific needs. Higher volume? More frequent alarms? No problem. Moreover, if you change your mind later and need, for example, bird repellent as well, you can purchase it later from the Vadalarm Smart application. Pay only for what you really use!

We help you plan the installation

Of course, we can help you not only in choosing the right product but also where to place each device. We have created an online planning software for this purpose, where you can draw the area you want to protect for us, and we will send a drawing of where to install which products. Click here for the planner!

We help you plan the installation

Get to know the smart features!

Configurable sounds

Set the alarm sounds to ultrasonic or audible range!

Adjustable volume

Turn up the volume to the highest level you have purchased as you like!

Turbo level

By purchasing the turbo function, you can make the activations more frequent at any time of the day.

Eco mode

With Eco mode activated, the device emits shorter but more frequent sounds, reducing consumption.

Remote monitoring

Where there is a WiFi network, your Vadalarm Smart animal repellent can connect to the internet so you can always check it.


If you've bought a new feature, just download the software update with a press of a button, and you can use it right away!

Get know our products in under 3 minutes!

After tens of thousands of units sold, the industry's flagship product was radically overhauled in 2022. It's the only range you can configure the way you want. Choose a package and we'll include the various animal alarm features you want. You won't get this anywhere else. Watch the demonstration video and get to know the smartest pet alarm you can control from your phone!

Check out our video summary of our game alarms to find out which would be the best solution to your problem! If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service!

Refund guarantee

If you have any problem with the product-what you ordered from us-, you can send it back to us in 14 days. Above in the menu you can read about our return policy particularly.

Fast shipping in 48h

If you order a simpler package on the morning of a working day, there is a good chance that you will receive it in 3 days!

Hungarian product

The Vadalarm is 100% hungarian product. Hungarian idea, hungarian developer, at a hungarian company, in a hungarian plant assemble the products.

Secure pay

Use your debitcard or credit card to pay online with Barion, one of the best-known Central European payment providers.

Cash on delivery

If you choose this, we save your datas immediately, you will pay to the courier on receipt and you will get your box earlier.

A favorite brand by thousands of customers

The Vadalarm products are so popular from the beginning because the simple formation is owing that you can install it easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pets hear the ultrasound?

Generally, no. What you need to know is that birds definitely cannot hear ultrasound, as their hearing range is almost entirely within the same range as humans. Our experience with dogs is that urban dogs (typically smaller breeds) absolutely do not hear it, nor do mixed breeds and older purebreds. Only a few hunting dog breeds have such hearing that they notice ultrasonic repellents. Fortunately, they are usually well trained enough not to bark at it, they simply move away. As for cats, we cannot say there is a similar rule, but it is rare for an individual among them to hear it. Cattle, pigs, and other livestock are also not bothered by the ultrasound.

Can I remove the film on top of the solar panel?

Yes, you can safely remove it as it is there to protect the panel from scratches during manufacturing and transport. However, it's better to remove it in the long run because the UV light can burn it onto the panel over time, reducing its efficiency.

Do you find it expensive?

Do the math: if you reduce the extent of game damage in an acre of corn from 70% to 10%, you save 800 euros with a 150-euro animal repellent. So, do you think it's not worth it?

Are you afraid it will be stolen?

That's exactly why we came up with theft insurance, which is an insurance that you can request for your animal repellent at your discretion, starting at 15 euros.

Too good to be true?

You don't have to take our word for it. Trust your own eyes instead. And if you don't like our repellent or the results you get with it, just let us know, and we'll buy it back from you.

Have any other questions? We can help over the phone!

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