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Vadalarm 4x Guarantee

Succes Guarantee

We know you care about how much you have to spend on your tools. When you buy something, your biggest concern is whether you've spent your money wisely. There is no greater disappointment than spending a fortune to protect your plants, animals or vehicle, but in the end it will be a waste of money because the tool does not solve the problem. That's what the Vadalarm Success Guarantee is for! If you buy a Vadalarm device, we'll give you time to test it, to make sure it's useful to you. Install it, try it and test it risk-free for 14 days, and if it doesn't work the first time, report it to our customer service. Our colleagues will make suggestions to improve its effectiveness and extend the test period so you can test it for another 14 days. So essentially you can check the effectiveness of your animal alarm for a month. If it still doesn't work, you get a refund.

Product guarantee

As a responsible manufacturer, we offer a full product guarantee on all our products for 24 months. You can report breakdowns by phone or email, but if you do need servicing, be sure to include a cover letter in the package you send to ensure there is no misunderstanding. The maximum time to repair is 15 days, but we are usually ready much sooner than that. Of course, we cannot guarantee this in all cases. It is important to know that the product warranty does not cover the product inspection if there is nothing wrong with it, as this takes our colleagues' time, so we charge a one-off inspection fee.

Harvester warranty

Nowadays, even on the smallest farm you need to use large machines and agricultural tractors. And if you use an animal repeller, a solar panel or an electric fence, you're afraid of breaking it in the middle of a harvest or sowing, for example. So you don't have to worry, we've created a combine harvester warranty. If your animal repeller breaks, just collect the remaining pieces in a bag, return it to us and we'll send you a new one. You'll need to renew your subscription annually and it only covers replacement once a year in case of break.

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