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We strive to ensure that our users receive their ordered products as quickly as possible, as this is not only in the interests of our customers, but also ours. In case of prepayment, you can be the happy owner of a Hungarian-developed Vadalarm device within 2 or a maximum of 3 working days from the payment in case of cash on delivery, in case of cash on delivery If any problems or delays are expected, we will notify you by e-mail immediately after placing your order.

For the highest delivery quality and reliability, we have entered into a logistics partnership agreement with GLS. GLS is an expert in special cases, so with them we can arrange for the products to be serviced to be delivered to us at your request.

The delivery fee is uniformly 10 euros within Europe

If you have any other questions related to delivery, please contact us at, because all customers are equally important to us and we do not know the impossible. :)

If you have any problems with our products, please read our Return Policy!

In this section, we have summarized what to do when enforcing a guarantee or requesting a refund. Read the instructions carefully here, because following these rules is the basis for enforcing the warranty rights!

Report an error

You can also report the error by phone, but our colleagues will ask you to email your complaint to make sure it is on track. Write a cover letter about the problem in the package you submitted, and we will accept it in both handwritten and printed form.

Dispatch of the package

We are unable to pick up cash on delivery packages. The postage for return for service will be refunded up to 1500 HUF + VAT, ie 1905 HUF if you request an invoice in our name when sending (tax number: 27977752-2-41)

Return address for all our products: Nowton Kft. - Hungary, 1132 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 40.

Warranty service

You can return it for free repair within 2 years of purchase, however, you will have to reimburse a HUF 3,000 inspection fee in case the product has no technical problems, ie we have inspected it unnecessarily. Therefore, check your product before sending it to any service center, or ask for help from this customer service to avoid unnecessary costs.

Validation of money back guarantee

The money back guarantee can be enforced within 14 days of receipt of the product, if your product was not made with individual development or modification at your request. Please indicate your intention by e-mail before the end of the 14 days. The device must be returned within 2 weeks of the indication of intent. The product must be returned undamaged, as confirmed by our service colleague.

Method of refund: referral or mailing to address

If you want to request the money for your bank account in case of cancellation, enter an account number! Either by email or in a packaged cover letter. If we do not receive an account number, the postman will automatically return the purchase price in cash, the handling fee is HUF 1,000. We cannot refund the cost of return mailing when canceling the purchase.

Product home installation, depreciation

We can only refund your money if you have not opened the cover of the device. If you have installed it yourself, we can no longer guarantee the 2-year guarantee for the product. Upon receipt, we will inspect each piece and decide on your return request. In the case of a money back guarantee, the cost of the repair must be deducted from the price of the product returned in a damaged condition.

Device replacement

We can provide a device replacement if the product has failed three times. An exception to this is if the product was already defective at the time of purchase and you have indicated this within 3 days of purchase. You will then automatically receive a new device, in case of notification after 3 days the device will be repaired.

Replacement device for repair

The repair time is a maximum of 2 weeks. If for some reason (eg lack of parts, lack of capacity) we cannot repair your product within 14 days, we can provide a replacement product for the time of the repair, otherwise we will not be able to do so.

You must return the replacement device to us after the repair and return of the repaired product to you. If you discuss this with our customer service, it is of course possible that the courier who will take the repaired device will also bring the replacement.

Refund guarantee
If you have any problem with the product-what you ordered from us-, you can send it back to us in 14 days. Above in the menu you can read about our return policy particularly.
Fast shipping in 48h
If you order a simpler package on the morning of a working day, there is a good chance that you will receive it in 3 days!
A favorite brand by thousands of customers
The Vadalarm products are so popular from the beginning because the simple formation is owing that you can install it easily.
Secure pay
Use your debitcard or credit card to pay online with Barion, one of the best-known Central European payment providers.
Cash on delivery
If you choose this, we save your datas immediately, you will pay to the courier on receipt and you will get your box earlier.
Hungarian product
The Vadalarm is 100% hungarian product. Hungarian idea, hungarian developer, at a hungarian company, in a hungarian plant assemble the products.
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