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Our mission is for people and animals to live together in peace.

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Refund guarantee

Refund guarantee

Fast shipping in 48h

Fast shipping in 48h

Hungarian product

Hungarian product

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Vadalarm Plus electric fence

Vadalarm Plus electric fence

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Vadalarm Rodent repellent

Vadalarm Rodent repellent

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Vadalarm Smart Tripla

Vadalarm Smart Tripla

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The world's first intelligent rodent repeller

You can monitor the Vadalarm Smart Mono intelligent rodent repeller with our Android and iOS app.

If you want, you can even purchase additional features afterwards that can be used to scare away birds or wild animals. You can connect it to your home WiFi network so you can check the battery charge and the operation of the rodent repeller from anywhere.

Vadalarm Smart Tripla

Refund guarantee

If you have any problem with the product-what you ordered from us-, you can send it back to us in 14 days. Above in the menu you can read about our return policy particularly.

Fast shipping in 48h

If you order a simpler package on the morning of a working day, there is a good chance that you will receive it in 3 days!

Hungarian product

The Vadalarm is 100% hungarian product. Hungarian idea, hungarian developer, at a hungarian company, in a hungarian plant assemble the products.

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Use your debitcard or credit card to pay online with Barion, one of the best-known Central European payment providers.

Cash on delivery

If you choose this, we save your datas immediately, you will pay to the courier on receipt and you will get your box earlier.

A favorite brand by thousands of customers

The Vadalarm products are so popular from the beginning because the simple formation is owing that you can install it easily.

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13+1 method against the wild damage 13+1 method against the wild damage
Find out everything about the rodents Find out everything about the rodents
Electric fence systems designe Electric fence systems designe

You can already monitor most of our products via the Vadalarm Smart App

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Over long the quality is cheaper!
Over long  the quality is cheaper!

You may find our prices high . This is because we spend more on development and work on better materials than others . We're not the cheapest, we're just willing to work with the best suppliers. For us, improving your product doesn't mean cutting costs, it's about cutting more value. The new product is not an update to an old piece hidden in a new robe, but also a real step forward .

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